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Company News
• Large public building lighting should adopt intelligent control 2014-11-25
• Seoul semiconductor in 2013 leapt to the global LED Industry fourth 2014-11-25
• "Free package" represent the general trend starting LED Flash Market 2014-11-14
• Export performance in 2014 was LED lighting products 2014-10-28
• Welcome to visit our website 2012-05-14
Trade News
• Health products to boost the market tide field intelligent Home Furnishing 2014-12-15
• Lighting enterprises frequently change is taboo 2014-12-15
• LED chip application limited structural surplus to attract attention. 2014-12-13
• LED lighting permeability constantly improve market big bumper harvest 2014-12-13
• LED lighting products in the continuing outbreak growth stage 2014-12-12
Other News
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