Health products to boost the market tide field intelligent Home Furnishing
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With the improvement of life level, accelerating the pace of life, grow with each passing day life and work pressure, many people in sub healthy state, without too much time and money regularly to the hospital for physical examination; our society entered the aging stage in twenty-first Century, the elderly to medical, nursing service needs more urgent than other young people.led-flashlight

With the changes of health concept, family medical will occupy a more important position in the whole health care system, more and more game player to wear equipment, all kinds of health products in changing our life, such as smart watches, Bluetooth intelligent, smart wristband etc.. To be in a dominant position in this field enterprises need to how hard?

Regarding this Yang Xu said: in recent years, light intelligent products began unpopular, many enterprises introduced intelligent single product, intelligent routers, intelligent Home Furnishing rendering fengshengshuiqi. Intelligent Home Furnishing covers the family aspect, lighting, appliances, plumbing, building materials and so on, the present stage of the lack of a unified standard of comprehensive control over it, so most of the current intelligent Home Furnishing products still can not really play a role, cause the product to be flashy without substance. Intelligent Home Furnishing the biggest bottleneck is the standard problem.

Cloud community integrated instant life monitoring system, monitoring and service to the user's health status. Instant life monitoring system mainly consists of sensors and a receiver. Its working principle is to measure a wearer by sensor pulse interval for three seconds, and then use the wireless communication to send the data to the nearest one receiver, and then the data were transmitted to the server by the receiver, finally through the server in the form of the site to provide monitoring services for users, and can realize the real-time monitoring of pulse, emergency calling features such as.

So in the face of such a situation, the future of how the product will be better in the competition? Which Yang Xu that the consumption trend of the future smart home is a product function tend to practical, humanization, parity, adopted sales network. At the same time, Yang Xu also think, building intercom will and smart home will be better "combine". As the market matures, building intercom enterprises are also actively to meet the market tide, digital intercom is also in constant progress, want to keep up with the pace of reform, we must continue to.

This Yang Xu talked about forest practices: in recent years, Lin has intensified in the Internet of things technology research and development effort, launched a cloud community platform used to construct the intelligent community. Lin devotes to the key technology of intelligent community research and industrialization, do have to rely on the Internet for the Internet of things technology combining with security monitoring, home economics, consumer, medical and entertainment function of the smart home together, and provide convenient community management, give users more comfortable "digital" life experience.

Recently the field of home about "uniform standard" on the hot topic. In July 1st Microsoft announced to join the AllSeen consortium. The AllSeen alliance is funded by the Linux foundation, take the lead, Qualcomm, LG electronics, SHARP and so on more than 50 technology giants coalition, to formulate a unified industry standard of intelligent home devices such as electronic thermostat. But the market standard can really unified? How to solve the intelligent home products separated state?

Intelligent home system is composed of a large multi system relates to many subsystems, with updated technology development, intelligent household, facilitation is increasingly possible, there will be more and more enterprises of different industries into the smart home field, so in the future for a long period of time, different enterprises will to create intelligent from the Perspective of their own home in the ideal. The contending situation will continue.

In our country, the earlier namely as "e home good" and "Shanlian" two standard alliance, standard alliance win their enterprise team, currently no standard alliance proposed standards become the industry together to follow the guidelines, unable to truly realize the coordinated control between different devices. Through this way to accelerate the standardization of still have a long way to go.




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