Lighting enterprises frequently change is taboo
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Any enterprise development into different stages, the owners of the requirements are not the same, change generals is very common thing, not worth to get excited over a little thing. Properly according to the need of enterprise development strategy is ready, step by step to replace business owners, help to stimulate enterprise team creativity and fighting capacity, so as to avoid enterprises remain stagnant situation caused due to incompetence or no part of the lord.led-flashlight

In such as exchange transfusion. Similarly, if the enterprise itself inherent culture or management mechanism is a problem, but the attempt by the change to solve in the future, so, the enterprise will not only can quickly eliminate the symptoms, but also may be due to infection by other viruses and soon life hoo woo. If the bone marrow itself out of the question, just simply shake up is difficult to help.

As the saying goes: Rome wasn't built in a day. If the enterprise of highest and decision-making layer is unable or unwilling to dig deep to the root of the problem and to be eradicated, but just want to simply by changing the future to solve the performance problem, then, both for the owners of personal or enterprise itself, it is extremely irresponsible behavior. The view from the author read dozens of cases, the direct cause of enterprises are mostly because of the frequent change of business performance is not ideal. But in my view, the relevant enterprises dismal performance, although with a chief commander's operational capacity, the most fundamental reason is the enterprise in the values, business philosophy, business model, decision-making mechanism, development strategy or management mechanism problems. There will be frequent business. Of course, business performance, as the Lord has the natural to blame.

Timely change is certainly desirable, but the frequent replacement of the Lord is not a good thing. After all, business ideas every owners are not the same, business ideas will directly decide the enterprise's management tactics, frequent change is bound to lead to business tactics and strategy of the enterprise out of touch, eventually leading to fall by the wayside enterprise executing business strategy; frequent change will also make some business owners to seek temporary operating performance, the end to the loss, enterprise development potential; change caused by frequent change of interpersonal relationship will make the enterprise's cohesive force and fighting capacity greatly reduced; brand image will also frequently damage to the enterprise, weaken confidence in corporate dealer team cooperation...... In short, frequent change of enterprise harm a lot.




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