LED chip application limited structural surplus to attract attention.
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Recently, CREE announced that it will be for acquisitions in the next 2 years, so from the development trend, the number of MOCVD has been more and more to the leading enterprises focus. But should see, our country LED chip overcapacity is structural surplus. Due to the large number of domestic chip companies, along with the competitive advantage of small and medium-sized enterprises were gradually eliminated, production capacity will be further concentrated to the leading enterprises.led-flashlight

Only in 2013, China's actual MOCVD device operating rate at the beginning of the year is only about 50%, half of the equipment is in idle or debugging, to the second half of 2013 as the market demand for rapid growth, operating rate has increased, but the annual overall operating rate is still less than 70%.

At present, the application of domestic LED chip in China mainly focus on the landscape, display screen, small size backlight and part of the field of illumination, and large size backlight and some high-end high-power lighting applications or to import chip. So fierce competition in China's LED chip on the landscape, display screen, small size backlight and part of the lighting field, and in the high-end power chip is only a few enterprises can provide product;.

In 2013, China's LED package with annual production capacity of about 400000000000, the actual output is only 289700000000, of which the SMD production of 141900000000, accounted for 51.9% of total output, is encapsulated situation most mainstream, followed by Lamp, output 104300000000, accounted for 38.4%, COB accounted for only 7.7%, the yield of 5800kk.

Part of the enterprise by improving the process continued and the expansion of production capacity, the scale effect and reduce the cost of products, its products have strong competitiveness and high competition in the market share of the market, so the full order, capacity utilization continued to improve, and even production capacity is not sufficient condition, such as the aforementioned business expansion, but a part of large enterprises have hand because the process of technological improvements and capacity shortage, small scale, single product cost is difficult to drop, the market competitiveness of products is insufficient, sell not free, cause this kind of enterprise, the emergence of the "do not open to be deficient, started more to lose" situation, thus the emergence of a group of lower operating rate, even shutdown epitaxial chip enterprises, its own MOCVD also becomes the excess capacity.

In this structural overcapacity situation, capacity utilization is low, the product can not meet the market demand of the enterprises will inevitably become the object out of the market, Xu Rui optoelectronics and Yahweh Lang is one of the typical. With the development of the market, adjusting the industrial structure will continue, inferior enterprises will close down out of the market, enterprises through mergers and integration continue to grow and develop.

From the output data, in 2013 China's chip yield and encapsulation yield matching, but actually my package chip is a large part of imported chip, therefore the present our country's chip production has excess; then from the production, equipment of MOCVD epitaxial wafer production capacity of 40000000 China's tenure, chip production capacity of 800000000000 stars. Without considering the quantity of imported chip, it is 2 times of the existing packaging capacity. Only the number of domestic enterprises part of large-scale production capacity of MOCVD has more than 550 units, capacity of more than 15000000 pieces of the epitaxial wafer, chip production capacity is reached 300000000000, so our upstream epitaxial chip excess capacity is an indisputable fact, fierce price competition and profit margins decline also become inevitable.



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